2004 - Atlanta


We set out to meet in Pensacola, but Hurricane Ivan struck there just ahead of us, shut down the city and forced us to make an overnight switch to Atlanta. John Carter, a high muckety-muck with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, worked us into their hotel on short notice. He also hosted us for a great BBQ on his driveway on Friday night. Thanks for saving this reunion, J.C. You're a true "Ramblin' Wreck"!




Bill & Janice Ketchum

Nick & Kim Slobodnyak

Kurt & Terri Grau

Raymond & Helen Reed

Tom Goen

Bob Barclay

Larry & Leanne Lane 

Alan Dunbar (1965 era alum) 

Ger & Kar Spaulding

George Gandre

Guy Leary

Lou & Kathy Rabe

Billy Bob & Anna Overend 

Snake Stoglin

Bill Buckingham

John & Cindy Wise

Benny and Maggie Cheng

Jim McGroarty

Marta Heffner & Kelley Hayden

Bill & Sue Blase

Daryl & Susi Ray

Emily & Ken Crandall

Jack & Barbara Schrager

John B & Susie Carter

Pat & Kate Maley

Missing: Bill and DelRay Schrager, who left early due to Hurricane Jeanne 


The Devil Went Down to Georgia

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Midnight Train to Georgia

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2004 Atlanta Photos