Emily Crandall fighting cancer

Message from Bill Overend - 9 May

Dear VP-17 Friends:

Ken Crandall let me know a couple of days ago that Emily is losing her battle with Cancer.  I spoke with him briefly yesterday.  It is a very difficult time for Emily, Ken and their family.  This is a time when perhaps the best one can do is to remind Emily and Ken how much they are loved and appreciated. 

I always call Emily, “Emily Cheryl”, because we are southern and that’s how we address each other.  Never without a smile, she has touched all of our hearts.  Below are a couple of pictures with the proof.


If you want to send Ken and Emily a note or email, here is the information:

Ken and Emily Crandall

3640 Woodland Trail

Eagan, MN 55123




May peace come to Emily and Ken and with you all.


Bill Overend

Message from Bill Overend Saturday, 19 May 2018


Received from Bill Overend this morning – Sat, May 19th.

Emily Cheryl Crandall.    In Ken's words, "Emily left us for a better place last night".  He asked me to get the word out to the squadron.  Emily was such a shining light.  Always upbeat and positive.  She will always be remembered and respected.  What a great life she led to have so many people love her. 


Emily is now at peace.  Because of the wonderful family she created, peace will readily come to  Ken and his boys.  

I will pass the word as soon as Ken let's me know about funeral arrangements.

I send this with great sadness.


For Ken, you’ve lost your beloved wife, and we’ve lost a beloved friend. May Em rest in peace. I’m sure her spirit and Ev’s are “hugging” again in that better place.