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COLD WAR SYNDROME is a collection of 43 non-fiction, mostly humorous short stories about the Cold War. When Bill O'Brien reviewed it, he wrote, "Reading this book is like eating cashews. Once you start, you can't stop." 

DECREE and TAKEOUT are action-adventure fiction novels. Both books received positive reviews from Writer's Digest:

DECREE - "The plot was intriguing. And in light of current events involving terrorism, Decree is especially compelling. The writing is crisp and the story  moves quickly."--  Writer's Digest 

TAKEOUT - "A very fast-paced international espionage thriller. Expertly written and plotted, with lots of authentic and convincing background. The author being an experienced diplomat who was assigned to the country in which the story is set (Egypt), this is no surprise."  -- Writer's Digest



THE DOOLITTLE RAID as told by Ger's close friends, Bill Bower (the longest surviving Raider pilot) and Dick Cole (Jimmy Doolittle's copilot). Dick and Ger's dad graduated from flight training together in July 1941.


THE MISSION THAT SAVED GUADALCANAL is the first-hand account of John Thompson, another very close friend of Ger's who led a critical three-plane sunrise mission on Guadalcanal in 1942 -- one that turned back 6,000 Japanese troops who were about to overrun the 800 Marines defending Henderson Field. 

TICKET TO STALAG LUFT III is about three more of Ger's friends who were POWs in the German prison camp from which The Great Escape took place. Happy to say, they all came home -- eventually.  

While all of these legendary heroes are now deceased, their stories live on here on this web site and in published form. Fortunately, Ger was able to consult at length with them -- fellow pilots and Daedalians all -- in their homes while writing their stories.



Forty-three of them from COLD WAR SYNDROME plus several more.

 Recommend starting with "I Used To Be An Air Force General," especially if you enjoy a bit of Navy vs Air Force rivalry. 

 Of special interest here is "Evading Mao and his Peoples' Liberation Army", which takes the reader from pre-war Colorado Springs to the Southwest Pacific in the early stages of WWII, then, along with Ger, through a desparate evacuation from Shanghai, China, in 1948 -- in seats reserved for the President of the United States -- and finally to a tense diplomatic reception honoring the PLA in China's Cairo embassy in the early 1990s. 

Magazine Articles


The Doolittle Raid

Written by Ger Spaulding as related by Bill Bower the longest surviving pilot of this legendary mission, which involved 10,000 naval personnel and 16 B-25s launching from the carrier USS Hornet.


The Mission that saved Guadalcanal

800 Marines defending the newly-captured Henderson Field on Guadalcanal are within hours of being overrun by 6,000 Japanese troops. Only three P-400s, led by John Thompson, make it off the ground to foil the sunrise attack.


Ticket to Stalag Luft III

Written by Ger, related by three AAF bomber pilots who were shot down and interned in the infamous POW camp from which the Great Escape took place. 


Enigmatic Man

An RAF pilot and one of the key players behind the Enigma machine and the Ultra Secret, Group Captain F.W. Winterbotham is one of the most accomplished heroes you never heard of. An amazing story which could not be told until 30 years after the end of WWII.