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When I retired I didn’t know what type of job I would get so I never went near the VA.  My tour before VP-17 I flew C-1’s out of Tan Son Nhut for a year.  A couple of years ago I was treated for prostate cancer; that is one of the cancers the VA links to Agent Orange.  I am now in the VA system and recently acknowledged with an Agent Orange disability.  I highly recommend that if you deal with the VA that you use an advocate like the DAV, VFW, A L, etc.  Your log book is a great way to prove where you have been, the DD-214 and the appropriate log book is what I used.

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Hi Ger and Larry,

It recently came to my attention that Agent Orange possibly was a symptom/cause of Parkinson's Disease.     The local VA counselor was great and helped me obtain an 80% disability. At the time I had to show my DD-214 and Log Book entry showing  just one stop in-country Vietnam to  qualify. 

   Passage of H.R. 4843 will certainly help those of us that flew many Market Time Patrols out of Thailand but did not have the one day in Nam qualification.

   I encourage all to write our Congressman to get swift passage of this bill. 

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One day in 2013 while I was serving as Flight Captain of Daedalian Flight 18 in Denver, I received a call from one of our members, a retired Air Force colonel who had served simultaneously as an AF physician and fighter pilot. In 1968-69, he was assigned as head of the hospital in Korat, Thailand, from where he also flew 47 combat missions over North Vietnam in the F-4E.  He was in poor health, the result of exposure to Agent Orange at Korat. A/O was used liberally at military bases in Thailand to kill weeds and tall grasses along their perimeter fences for security purposes. 

   He said, "My doctor has told me I have 30 days to live and I've already used up one week of that time." 

   He also said he had declined hospice care and, since he was a doctor, would manage his own care and comfort the rest of the way. And that's what he did.

   He died four weeks later.

Note: This gent had been fighting with the VA for years trying unsuccessfully to get them to link his illnesses to Agent Orange. If the proposed legislation discussed in the next column passes, hopefully that problem will go away.





Forwarded by Chuck Thomes. Thanks, Chuck.


In January   2018, Representative Bruce Westerman (AR) introduced H.R. 4843, a bill that would concede herbicide exposure to all veterans who served at any military installation in Thailand during the Vietnam Era for purposes of determining their eligibility for VA benefits. This measure is a companion bill to S. 2105, introduced by Senators John Boozman (AR) and Joe Donelly (IN).    DAV issued an alert in support of S. 2105 in December 2017. 

While VA's internal manual acknowledges herbicide exposure for specific military occupational specialties on the perimeter of eight specific Thai Royal Air Force Bases, Thai statutes and regulations do not automatically recognize veteran exposure to herbicides while serving in Thailand during the Vietnam Era. 

H.R. 4843 would automatically concede herbicide exposure for all veterans who served at military installations in Thailand during the Vietnam Era, regardless of the base, duty on the perimeter or military occupational specialty.  As a result, the presumptive diseases currently associated with herbicide exposure, including spina bifida for children, would be applicable to all veterans who served at military installations in Thailand during the Vietnam Era.

Consistent with DAV Resolution No. 214, DAV supports the recognition of herbicide exposure to veterans who served at military installations in Thailand so that the presumption of service connection for Agent Orange related diseases would be available to service members exposed to include those who served in Thailand.  Please use the prepared electronic letter or draft your own   to urge your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 4843. 

Your advocacy makes DAV a highly influential and effective organization in Washington, D.C.  Your voice makes a difference and we would not be as effective without you. 

Thank you for standing with veterans and participating in the DAV Commander's Action Network. 

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