April 23rd, 2018

Thanks, Ger, for keeping me in the loop, I don't deserve it. I love to see all the news of the VP family. It fills me with joy and a bit of sorrow, too. I am so sorry that I haven't been able to join y'all at the festivities due to my ongoing work schedule (yeah, even an old lady like me must work).  No, certainly not anything glamorous as many of the other "dudettes" take on. Somehow being involved in swimming up to my neck for Red Cross and schools (WSIT Red Cross), coaching and being a pool director for very large summer camp -- 1200 kids -- it seems to never end as one runs into another and one goes 12-months a year. Still living in Miami, still have a surfboard standing at attention in family room. Only change seems to be in my height, hair color and number of weddings of grandchildren. Pretty boring stuff unless you're living it, I think, and it is a bit boring to me. Sooo, please continue to keep me updated on all the adventurous and not at all boring "stuff" the VP-ers are up to.

God's blessings,