Message from BBO:

Ted Morrison has had a rough time.  He has been in the hospital for 4 months.....most of the time in the ICU with multiple issues many associated with Pancreas infection.  The good news is that he is recovering albeit slowly.  I'll bet he could use some encouragement.  Let's get this out to the VP-17ers to get some cards and notes going his way.  He is not using a mobile phone or emails.  I recommend not trying to call.  He is very weak.

Billy Bob Overend 


Theodore G. Morrison

Room# 1569

Virginia Mason Hospital

925 Seneca Street

Seattle, WA  98101

Hospital Operator:  206 223-6600


Message from Lee Trotter - 16 March:

   I was in Seattle yesterday helping my daughter and was able to have a short visit with Ted in the hospital. I had spoken to him the day prior and kept the conversation short due to his obvious weakness. Asked him if he was up to a short visit and was somewhat surprised that he felt up to it.  😊  Visited a bit with his daughter Lara and cousin Will. My daughter and I kept our visit very short but I could tell Ted was very happy to see us.

   Right now Ted is just a shadow of himself. ☹  I think some nurse got carried away and not only gave him a buzz cut but shaved off his mustache as well!

   On the bright side, it sounds like he may finally be on the road to recovery but it is still a long haul.

   Near the end of our short visit he started to tear up a bit (I almost lost it).

Then he perked up again. He still has that mischievous twinkle in his eyes!!  Lol

Best regards,




Follow-up message from Lee Trotter - 6 May:


May and I drove to Seattle to visit our daughter today and the three of us dropped in on Ted for a visit.

He looked GREAT and was sitting up in a chair!!

We sure had fun and visited for some time.

This was a fantastic improvement from our last visit.

And more exciting news!!!

Ted and Kris got married yesterday!

A small ceremony at the hospital. Just Ted, Kris, the minister, daughter Lara and a friend.




Just spoke to Ted. At his request we will wait a while before publishing his new cell number as he is often out of his room undergoing tests or procedures. He is also being fed through a tube and talking is a bit of a struggle. No one knows how long that will be the case.  

His mailing address at the hospital is : Theodore G. Morrison, Jones Building Room 1102, Virginia Mason Hospital, 925 Seneca St, Seattle, WA 98101. Cards/letters more than welcome. He is very thankful for the well wishes he's been receiving from so many of his VP-17 alumni friends.

He has our reunion on his calendar and hopes to make it, but is not overly optimistic that will be possible. His recovery has a long way to go. Some encouragement from us couldn't hurt.



Spoke to Ted again this afternoon. He sounded much better than last time. Obvious improvement, although he still has 3 tubes inserted. At least one of those is a feeding tube. He has no idea when he'll be able to taste food or his favorite lemon-lime drink again. The plan is to eventually do surgery to remove whatever is blocking his pancreas. If progress continues at a good rate, hoping to do the surgery in Sept. Because of that timing, odds of his making the Boise reunion are not very high. But there's always the next one and the occasional VP-17 visitor(s) in the meantime.

Ted is not doing emails yet, but he does have his cell phone with him and answers it whenever he is not otherwise occupied with patient stuff. He welcomes calls, but worries that his friends might get the wrong idea when he isn't able to answer.  His number is listed on our private MEMBERS ONLY page. 



Ted finishes rehab; finally back home


Ted checked out of the hospital and into rehab just a couple of days before the start of our Boise reunion. As a nice surprise for everyone, at the beginning our Saturday night banquet, Crash Crandall was able to connect with Ted via his cell phone which was then held up to our PA mic so everyone could hear Ted for the first time in many months. He sounded great, by the way. And what a terrific way to kick off the evening's festivities! Since then, Ted has completed his course of rehab and is finally back home. We're waiting for a photo of Ted taken by his neighbor when he arrived home and when we get it will post it here.